Dish Media & Sling TV

Dish Media provides advertisers with intelligent solutions to efficiently maximize exposure to desired audiences across Dish and Sling TV.

My Role

Played a critical role in developing and executing creative marketing content and new stories. As the go-to project manager for Sling TV and Dish Media solutions, I managed all B2B collateral (upfront marketplace presentation and videos, digital one-sheets, custom decks, published articles, e-blasts, etc.) and facilitated content partnerships that enhanced brand visibility across the advertising marketplace.


  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Marketing
  3. Advertising
  4. Web Design
  5. Creative Direction

In 2019, we successfully helped rebrand the business for the future, changing the 10-year-name from DISH Media Sales to DISH Media. "The new brand builds off our original symbol as a connectivity company. A unifying design element across all lines of the business, the new beacon is an updated reminder of our promise to consumers. Its purpose is two-fold: to usher in a new era of innovation while ensuring we’re more united than ever."

In addition to the rebrand implementation, a major role of mine was overseeing UX/UI design for the revamped 2019 website. We built out a custom success story library, and after optimizing SEO we saw a 7% lift in organic traffic from 2018 to 2019.

Strategizing and designing leave behind sales materials was a major priority in the media buying marketplace.

Restructuring and renaming our portfolio of ad solutions was another major accomplishment. The efficiency funnel changed the way we sold our inventory.

Other Work Below

  1. 2019 Marketplace Upfront Presentation
  2. 2019 DISH Media Kit
  3. AdAge Over-The-Top Whitepaper
  4. 2019 College Football Guidebook
  5. Telaria / Sling Case Study
“Embrace innovation. Fight for the consumer. Never be afraid of change.”
- Dish Core Values