Digital Prezence

Impactful, real results for brands, agencies, and individuals through influencer marketing, automation, and artificial intelligence.

My Role

In early 2019, I started speaking with a team at a new company called "SocialRise" who were searching for a new identity. After several strategy workshops and renaming the company Digital Prezence, I helped them create their brand while maintaining their core colors of light blue and dark blue.

Fast-forward a year and Digital Prezence is now a full-blown start-up. After reconnecting with the team, we discussed moving forward with redesigning the homepage. Animated characters were a request and I designed a few people cohesive with their branding.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Copywriting
“Bringing Walker onboard was one of our best decisions as a company. He single-handedly brought our UX/UI design to the next level. Not only did our clients notice the improved experience right away, but they stayed longer on our website each time they visited. I would highly recommend Walker to anyone looking to upgrade their site or app.”
- Chris Buetti, Co-Founder & CEO of Digital Prezence